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Martin Method Dentistry

What is the Martin Method?

  • The artistic pursuit of beautiful teeth and gorgeous smiles.
  • A system that carefully evaluates how to make your teeth look their best while functioning properly and staying healthy.
  • A comprehensive approach combining the best practices of treatment learned and observed inside and outside the profession.
  • Built on a thoroughness approach that gives you predictable results
  • A physician of the mouth approach applying the science of comfort, health, function, and longevity of the teeth, gums, jaw joints, and chewing mechanism, based on solid principles…time-tested and true…coupled with the latest dental research.
  • The result of an extended study of over 27 years that required substantial investment and over 13,827 hours of additional training and research beyond what is required to be a dentist… that continues on even today.
  • A unified system that uses the best-of-the-best in techniques and technology
  • An ever-evolving system of care designed to get great treatment results, enhance comfort and reduce anxiety and leave you with a radiant smile.
  • An investment in yourself that pays big personal dividends every day of your life.
  • A demanding discipline that is a daily challenge, but one that my team and I embrace. We won’t compromise results. We will give options, but refuse to give a bad option.
  • A system that recognizes the importance of the patient who has the teeth, and doesn’t treat the patient as a “case” but a person who has feelings, concerns and questions.
  • A method, which has as one of its goals, a great smile matched to the personality and physiology of you as an individual.
  • A way to help you keep your teeth for a lifetime

Advantages Of Martin Method Dentistry

“Dr. Charles Martin and his team of professionals epitomize all the best that dentistry has to offer. You just can’t go wrong by having him and his team as your dentist.”
Dr. Joel Benk, DDS Atlanta, GA

Million Dollar Smiles, Pleasant Dental Visits, Emotional Well Being, Dentistry Like You May Have Never Experienced, Teeth That Look Good And Feel Great For A Lifetime

Learn the secrets of improving your smile, energizing your personal and business relationships, getting noticed, increasing your income, living a longer and better life and super-charging your sex appeal.

From: Dr. Charles W. Martin, DDS

Dear Friend:

This letter is to explain the Martin Method of dentistry: What it is, what it does and the advantages for you. The letter isn’t short, but it is worth reading. Thank you for your attention…

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