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Dental Restoration

Restore your teeth to full health and function

Dr. Martin does complete dental restorations, no matter how large or complex.

Dental Restoration is the process of restoring damaged, broken-down or missing teeth to a healthy, functional and beautiful state. Dr. Charles Martin has extensive training and experience doing dental restorations and can handle any job, no matter how large or complex.

Dr. Martin uses a variety of procedures to restore your teeth and smile, including dental implants, precision attachment partials or dentures or full mouth reconstruction, crowns, bridges, and gum treatment. The method used will depend on the state of your teeth or the number of teeth missing, and your preferences.

An expert in Dental Restoration and Diagnosis

Dr. Martin is a Master in the Academy of General Dentistry, an honor awarded to only 2,000 dentists across the country, and a Diplomat of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists. He is also a senior dental diagnostician and devotes time to teaching other dentists inside and outside his practice.

Years of experience and the gentle treatment of his patients have made Dr. Martin one of the most successful dental restoration specialists in the Richmond area.  Whether you have missing teeth, need dentures, need a full mouth restoration or extensive dental work, come see Dr. Martin to discuss how you can restore your teeth and get a healthy mouth and bright, beautiful smile.

Click on a link below to find out more about dental restoration from Dr. Martin:


Complimentary Dental Restoration Consultation

At Richmond Smile Center, we can help you restore your smile to full health and beauty.

Dr. Martin will explain all of your dentures options so that you can decide on a treatment plan that will be best for you.

In your consultation, Dr. Martin will :

  • Give you a full oral examination
  • Provide a smile evaluation
  • Show you Before and After photographs
  • Listen to your needs
  • Fully explain your options
  • Review possible procedures
  • Answer your questions


For more information, or for your Complimentary Restorative Consultation, please call us at (804) 417-4835 to make an appointment, or click here to request an appointment online.


Before and After Dental Restoration


Before                                                       After


Before                                                        After


Before                                                        After

See more dental restorations in our Smile Gallery


What our patients say about Dental Restoration


“I first came to Dr. Martin over two years ago in desperate need of repair to my smile. I was in my mid-30’s and had eight missing teeth already, with several more needing to be removed. I truly believed before I met Dr. Martin that he would pull the rest of my teeth and give me dentures. They were that bad.

“I never smiled because I was ashamed of my smile. I knew that the person that people saw was not the person I felt inside.

“After the first visit with Dr. Martin and his wonderful staff, we formulated a plan to do what I thought was impossible. After a year of work, Dr. Martin gave me the second best gift in my life (the first being my children). He gave me my smile back!

“My teeth are better now than they have ever been in my entire life!  I have a beautiful full set of teeth that are perfectly aligned. I have had more strangers come to me and tell me how pretty my smile is.  I thank them and tell them all about Dr. Martin, his staff and the miraculous work they do. My whole life has changed for the better, all from a smile, my smile!

“Thanks, Dr. Martin!”

– Kevin Harris



“I have been a patient of Dr. Martin for five years.

“When I first came to Dr. Martin I had missing teeth and the ones I had were brown and so embarrassing that I wouldn’t smile or talk to people face to face. I was in pain all the time.

“Dr. Martin and his staff never made me feel embarrassed or ashamed. Dr. Martin worked with me to figure out the best process and schedule to give me the beautiful and confident smile!

“I recommend Dr. Martin to everyone I know and meet.”

Lani Copley


“I have had a very difficult case because I had no more back teeth. And the remaining teeth that I had in the front, I had ground them down so badly that my bite was off. I had a bad habit of grinding my teeth at night. I needed quite a bit of work.

“Dr. Martin is extremely skilled. He and the staff made me feel very comfortable. Even though I was very scared he talked to me and explained what he was doing. He was very sweet. If I had any questions he answered them. If I needed a break, he gave me a break. He was very understanding, especially with me being very scared.

“Dr. Martin also made me feel comfortable in anything you need during procedures. He works with you instead of you having to work with him. He can prescribe something to make it easier if you are scared. You don’t feel like you are being rushed in and rushed out.


Brigitta Cunningham

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Dental restoration procedures

If you are in need of extensive dental work, Dr. Martin can competently handle even the most complex cases right in the convenient comfort of this office. And every step of the way, thanks to Dr. Martin’s exacting techniques and practice, you will know exactly what to expect.

With a complex case, Dr. Martin takes all your information and integrates it to come up with a plan that restores your mouth and your lifestyle.  A complex case would be where you may have a few teeth left over and want to put in restorations to rehabilitate your mouth or where you have all your teeth but they are misaligned or not working together properly, leaving you with chewing or speaking problems, or in pain.

When your dental restoration is complete, Dr. Martin wants you to have a functional, pain free mouth and the beautiful, natural smile you’ve always wanted.

To read more about the different restorative procedures, please click on a link below:

Dental Implants

Partial & Full Dentures

Gum Treatment

Porcelain Veneers


Laser Dentistry