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Dental Implants in One Location

“Are Martin Dental Implants For Me?”

If you have missing teeth, failing teeth or dentures that just don’t work, the answer could be a resounding “YES”.

  • If you are tired of social embarrassment, not getting noticed by that special someone or looking older than you are, the answer could be a resounding “YES”.
  • If you want to rekindle romance, chew comfortably and look 10 years younger, the answer could be a resounding “YES”.
  • If you want to have a bright, white, healthy smile, preserve your existing teeth and live a longer, healthier, happier life the answer could be a resounding “YES”.

Successful Experience, Successful Results

Here’s Proof

Here are the results based on a study of 350 implant patients like you following their treatment.

  1. Knowing what you know now, would you have the treatment again? 98% said yes
  2. Was the treatment worth the investment? 98% said yes
  3. Was there a significant improvement in your ability to eat and chew? 97% said yes
  4. Was there a significant improvement in appearance? 98% said yes
  5. Was there a significant overall improvement? 96% said yes. 98% said it was worth the investment. 98% said they would choose treatment again knowing what they know now after treatment.

What can you think of that 98% of folks agree is a great thing? Not much!”

Dr. Martin is simply outstanding. He is the most knowledgeable person I know in the Dental profession. He is also a one stop place for your total dental needs. I recommend him without reservation. – Arthur S.

Having less than optimum dental care in my early childhood, the result was a great deal of tooth decay in many of my teeth. I lost a couple of my permanent teeth early on. My other teeth have required very much dental work through the years.

I have been a patient of Dr. Charles Martin for twenty-two years so the vast majority of my lifetime dental care has been performed by him.

I have had an array of dental procedures performed by him; from fillings and crowns, a bridge to a root canal (which I might add did not live up to its painful reputation), and gum grafts to correct damaged and receding gum tissue from my improper brushing techniques.

From the very beginning I had confidence in Dr. Martin’s dental skills and through the years I have observed him continually take advanced education and teach dental procedures. Dr. Martin is a dentist who strives to be in the forefront of dentistry and provides the highest standard of care as pain free as possible.

Recently Dr. Martin “installed” two permanent dental implants in my mouth. In this procedure the implants are permanently attached in the bone of the jaw and through the gum tissue. I expected considerable pain as a result of this procedure. However, as a result of Dr. Martin’s skill, care and expertise, I was elated when the only medication required for me after this procedure was only one Advil to knock down a low level of discomfort. I was more than pleased with the way this procedure went. It pays to have a competent, skilled dentist!

In addition to Dr. Martins’ competent skills is his winning friendly personality, his competent friendly staff and his well equipped facilities resulting in all the elements needed to meet any dental need. That is why I’ve been his patient for twenty-two years and will continue to be his patient in the future.

Bill Hanes

Here’s How It Works

A dental implant is a biocompatible, man-made substitute to replace missing tooth roots. It is usually made of a space-age alloy of titanium. Implants come in various shapes and sizes to fit the situation. Most are cylinders placed in to bone and allowed to heal undisturbed while bone heals around them, locking them in like an anchor. After a few months, the implants are used as a foundation for replacing the missing teeth. Dental implants restore lost chewing ability, improve appearance, end embarrassment, and give real self-confidence to patients who need them. They are a real breakthrough.

I had been terrified of going to the dentist for as long as I could remember. The older I got, the worse my fears got, so I simply quit going. Needless to say, my teeth and gums steadily deteriorated to the point where I had no choice but to do something. I scheduled a consultation with Dr. Martin and left his office feeling impressed and very much at ease. Subsequently, Dr. Martin and his staff performed extensive dental work on my and I can honestly say I experienced little or no discomfort. Almost a year and many visits later, I now view going to see Dr. Martin and his as going to see friends. Dr. Martin has truly given me something to smile about and something to write to smile with.

John Peddicord, Company Manager

The steps of the implant procedure itself are quite simple.

  1. If there is a damaged tooth, it must be painlessly removed.
  2. The actual “implant”, a small grooved or threaded titanium post is planted into your actual jawbone. Another kind, one with a special base, can be attached on top of the jawbone, underneath your gum line. The thickness and type of bone at the implant’s location determine which style post should be used Local anesthesia makes this a comfortable process.
  3. Your body immediately begins to “bond” either kind of titanium post into place with bone or tissue. This is a very thorough process and may take from three to six months before the next step can begin. Your body does not reject these new materials but ties them in with great strength as if they were a natural part of your own body. You may elect to wear a temporary denture during this binding process, if you choose.
  4. Once the titanium implant is tightly in place, a wiser post is now attached to the titanium implant and your new tooth is attached to this second post with one of the world’s most secure and space age adhesives. Bonding is virtually forever!
  5. You have a new tooth. You are the only one who knows it’s man-made – and implants are so comfortable you’ll soon forget which one it is.

Your body thinks it’s your own – so will you.

Dental implants are the most stable and economically far-sighted solution to the very real problem of missing teeth. This procedure is one which I have done repeatedly for satisfied patients over many years. My friendly staff also has in-depth training and great experience in this area and will be happy to answer any questions that may come to you.”

My Motown Singing Dentist

I learned early to expect pain and to be afraid of the Dentist. I had to have three teeth removed. I had double teeth and a cavity in one of those. This work was done when I was eleven years old. This was my first trip to the Dentist and it was not pleasant. I cried before, during, and after this visit. So I learned early to stay away from the dentist.

I started losing my teeth in the back of my mouth first. This didn’t really bother me until I realized you could see the empty spaces when I smiled or laughed. This was making me self-conscious. I began practicing how to laugh and smile without opening my mouth so as not to show my missing teeth. I also started being envious of people who could smile and laugh showing their teeth. I actually found myself watching other people’s teeth.

Fear continued to keep me away from the Dentist. I continued to see Dr. Martin’s advertisements and one touched me. The advertisement told how Dr. Martin had given abused women their smile back. Well, I thought a dentist with a heart.

I called the office/ got an appointment and found very friendly and competent support staff. I had a couple of them Carey and Roz sweating bullets trying to do an x-ray. These two were having such a difficult time because of a very large bone in the top of my mouth. They kept me comfortable and got the x-ray done. I later met my dentist who sang and hummed Motown songs as he looked around in my mouth.

No matter how bad I thought things were, Dr. Martin had a plan to help me. I needed gum grafts, four implants, three wisdom teeth removed, two bridges and oh, yeah removal of that large bone in the top of my mouth.

It was two weeks before Christmas when we decided to proceed with treatment. Dr. Martin told me we can go ahead and get the gum grafts at the top, the four implants, and oh yes, remove the large bone from the top of my mouth. I agreed but told Dr. Martin that I had to be able to go to work over the Christmas holidays, because I had people that worked wit me who were already crying about the Christmas schedule. I had to be at work as scheduled, the only excuse for me missing work would be death.

Dr. Martin scheduled me to come in on a Saturday morning, he completed all of that dental work and I was able to talk to him while he worked. His wonderful assistants kept me comfortable the whole time. (Thanks Jamie and Roz)

Well, I returned to work the following Wednesday. I told my story to everyone and showed them my mouth. Friends and family have been amazed at how well it all went with no swelling, a quick recovery, and little if no pain. It all has been simply amazing. I have more dental work to be done, but I am no longer afraid.

My thanks to all of you.

Yacine Richardson

Am I a dental implant candidate?

You bet. Dental implants are the perfect option for people missing one, two, or more teeth.

You may also be a candidate for dental implants if:

  • You have problems with existing crowns or bridges.
  • You have loose dentures.

It has been a pleasure dealing with Dr. Charles Martin, D.D.S. & Associates. I have been a patient at this office for many years. Everyone is professional and friendly and made me feel good about having extensive dental work done.

It has been an expensive experience, however I have most of my own teeth and not dentures. I did feel self-conscious when I first came to the office, but once I had crowns put on my smile is wonderful.

As far as surgical procedures go, I have not had a bad experience. Everything always went well and god only knows how much work I have had. My last encounter was an implant on the lower left of my mouth. At first, I thought I would be going into surgery with a cover over my face, but after about ten minutes I knew I would be okay and I was. I had hardly any discomfort that day or the next. A few Advil took care of that.

The final results are great! New bridge and new tooth! A beautiful smile! What more could you ask for!

Dr. Martin is a caring and excellent dentist. Anyone thinking about getting or needing an implant should go for it. Do this instead of pulling your teeth and you will not regret it.

AND you are in good hands with Dr. Charles Martin

Audrey Sontag

Competence You Can Count On

Comparatively, few dentists have taken the time, the extra courses, seminars, and hands-on training to be able to perform dental implants at such a high level.

“Implantology”, as this art and science is called, requires specialized knowledge, procedures, instrumentation and equipment.

During the process, you and Dr. Martin may have many options. You can rest assured that Dr. Martin knows all of these – and can make them clear to you when they come up.

For years, Dr. Martin’s patients have referred friends to him for his expertise, friendly communication, and ability to get results.

Dr. Martin is a member of the International Congress of Oral Implantology, The American College of Implantology, and Misch Implant Institute.

He has taught at both Georgetown University School of Dentistry and Medical College of Virginia School of Dentistry. He is a graduate of the Dawson Center for Advanced Dental Education and L.D. Pankey Institute post doctoral programs. He is a Summa Cum Laude graduate of the cosmetic dentistry program at Case Western University.

Dr. Martin holds a Mastership in the Academy of General Dentistry and is a Diplomate of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists, and an honored Fellow of the International Academy of Dentofacial Esthetics.

He is one of the few dentists in the state that perform both the surgical placement and reconstructive phases of implants (placing the teeth themselves). Thus, you do not have to see two or more doctors in two different places to get your implant dentistry done. He has been doing implants for 20 years plus.

His commitment to “doing it right” and the ability to “handle just about anything” has won him the admiration of patients and other doctors.” What are the benefits of dental implant treatment?

First of all, you will be able to smile. A big, healthy, happy smile. And you will have a lot to smile about, too. Dental implants allow you to speak, eat, sing, kiss – in other words, do everything you want – with total self assurance.

United States denture wearers spend over $150 million a year on adhesives in the futile effort to hold their dentures in place. With implants, you will not have to worry about loose dentures, an inconsistent fit, or other embarrassments such as unpleasant taste, bad breath, or poor appearance.

I have been a patient of Dr. Charles Martin since 1995. Friendly Gentle Dentistry aptly describes Dr. Martin and his competent staff’s caring treatment of their patients.

I especially appreciate how Dr. Martin thoroughly explains your dental needs, and recommends applicable dental procedures with options and their related fees. He patiently answers your questions in a manner you will understand.

Dr. Martin schedules patients, allowing ample time to complete the planned procedures unhurriedly. I have had some bad experience with other dentist that schedule patients like an assembly line, more concerned with adhering to their schedule than providing proper treatment to their patients.

I have had several dental implants successfully done by Dr. Martin. Although this requires major surgery, Dr. Martin’s calm reassurance and competence allayed my apprehension. He performed these procedures using the latest dental technology with skill and care. During these procedures I experienced only slight discomfort and pain. I now enjoy unrestricted chewing and an enhanced smile.

I am seventy-three years old and have had lots of dental treatments. Dr. Martin has provided me with the best dental care I have ever experienced. I recommend Dr. Charles Martin without any reservation to anyone seeking dental care.

Hamilton Robinson, Retired Policeman

Besides my mental health, do implants have other effects on my health, that differ from the overall health care provided by other treatments for tooth loss?

In addition to improving your self-esteem, dental implants will also make a big difference in your overall physical health and appearance.

As a result of losing one or more teeth, you inevitably lose mass in your jaw. This affects the overall skeletal structure of your face, which not only changes your profile, but also may result in thin lips, drooping muscles, jowls or witch’s chin. Spreading bone loss in the jaw affects the gums and ridges in your mouth, as well as the muscles and nerves in and around the mouth. These conditions, which are the inevitable consequence of tooth loss, are associated with a host of anatomic and clinical problems, ranging from increased tongue size, to looseness of remaining teeth, to loss of sensation, to severely painful conditions. These conditions may only be avoided through use of dental implants, because implants may halt and even reverse the bone loss that results from losing teeth.

I first came to Dr. Charles Martin because my sister had been there and she had successful implants done. She thought Dr. Martin should look at me because I had lost a bridge. So I came in with her and soon I was also getting implants.

My treatment and procedures by Dr. Martin include three implants. That was about 10 years ago. They have been absolutely wonderful, not the first minutes trouble with them.

I also have a bridge. My bridge had a tooth that abscessed and the root canal was not successful. There is only 1 tooth of that remaining now. I have been worried about giving up that bridge. On a scale of 1 – 10, I give my treatment and Dr. Martin a 10. I have been very pleased with my results.

And as to how I look — I think my six new crowns across the front are absolutely beautiful. I would best describe my dental experience in this office as very pleasing and very good. I rate this office as excellent, both the doctors and the staff.

I would say that going through the process of the six new crowns was a little more than the three implants because I had been sick a lot this winter. And I am about 10 –12 years older. However, Dr. Martin makes you feel more than comfortable during the procedures.

I do recommend this practice whenever people tell me they need a dentist. I say, “You need to see my dentist, Dr. Charles Martin on Huguenot Road.”

I do not know enough adjectives to describe this dental office. I am very satisfied and would rate this office, doctors, and staff as excellent in every way.

There are a lot of the staff that have been very helpful to me. Of course, Lisa has been here longer than most of the staff. I consider her and some of the other girls that are no longer here very dear friends. I still remember Dr. Martin’s assistant during the implants, I can’t remember her name but she was excellent too. So I would say I have had wonderful care all around and I appreciate it very much.

Bea Parrish

How do dental implants prevent bone loss?

Bone needs stimulation to maintain its form and density. That is why the astronauts lose bone mass while they are in space – their bones lack the stimulation that results from our everyday resistance to gravity. The bone in your jaw is constantly reinforced by the force applied by your teeth.

The teeth transmit force to surrounding bone, so when you lose a tooth, the lack of stimulation results in bone loss or “resorption”.

Dental implants are inserted into the jawbone in place of missing teeth. Then prosthetic restorations, like porcelains, bridge-work, or dentures are attached to a post or abutment placed inside the implant. So when you chew, the implant acts like the root of a tooth – it transmits force to the jaw and stimulates the bone.

Implant Dentistry – Something to Smile About

For many people who have lost their natural teeth and cannot wear traditional false teeth, dental implants may be the answer.

Implantology is the practice of implanting artificial teeth in the place of lost teeth.

A word of thanks to Dr. Martin and a recommendation to others who may be thinking of restoring their teeth, but have reservations about taking this route.

When I was born the good teeth gene was missing from my gene pool. I grew up during hard times when dental hygiene was not a priority. Surviving was the most important thing. With my uneven, crooked teeth my smile was always covered with my hand. One of the first things I did when I went to work was to have my front teeth caped. Now I could smile.

Over the years I spend a lot of time in the dentist chair. My dread of having to have dentures was a constant nightmare for me. Then it happened! My teeth started breaking off. Just broke right off when I was chewing something. The first one I put into a small cup in the medicine cabinet, and the next one and etc. Why I saved them I do not know. Perhaps it was my way of thinking they were not really gone. My dentist at that time did not know what to do. I went to different dentists, one for this problem, one for another problem. Some teeth were extracted. Then the gum disease started. So I said to myself, this is serious. Your entire health could be in jeopardy.

Serious action had to be taken. I still had the teeth in my medicine cabinet, the teeth I was losing were getting closer to the front of my mouth and my smiles was in danger, in addition to my health.

Implants seemed a possibility. I read about Dr. Charles Martin and his work with implants. An appointment was made wit him. I was very impressed. He would do all the work in his office, the permanent bridges, implants, fillings, root work, gum restoring, etc. No going from dentist to dentist. I liked that. The sign at his office said “friendly, gentle dentistry” O.K, I thought he is definitely friendly and the others in the office also, and he seemed gentle. On a second visit, Dr. Martin explained in detail, with pictures and video, the procedure for the implants and other work.

I agreed to have the work done, and I will admit I was nervous and apprehensive. My trips to dentists before had not been reassuring for me, but this was different. Dr. Martin lived up to the sign that said “gentle” and now he could add to this “painless”.

Dentistry has made amazing progress in the last years, and it is great to have a dentist who keeps up with them, and continues to do so. I now have teeth to chew with and a smile that I am proud of. I still have those teeth in a cup in my medicine cabinet. I think I can dispose of them now.

Virginia Miller

Can I still eat my favorite foods with implants?

Yes. Implants are remarkably strong, and remember – they stay put, unlike removable dentures. So you can eat and enjoy whatever you wish. Everything from apples to deep-fried anything. Want the details?

  • The components of the implant system are designed for strength. For example, the components of the Maestro System by BioHorizons are manufactured from a biocompatible titanium alloy, which offers a yield strength 65 percent higher than the strongest grade of commercially pure titanium.
  • The maximum bite force of a traditional denture ranges from 5 to 50 pounds. Almost one-third of denture wearers are able to eat only soft or mashed foods, and 50 percent avoid many foods. 17 percent claim that they chew more effectively without dentures!
  • By contrast, patients with implant-supported restorations may increase their bite force by 85 percent within two months of completing treatment, and by 300 percent after three years. Implant-supported dentures and bridges function similarly to natural teeth.
  • In addition, dental implants do not have problems with caries (decay), root caries, or hot/cold sensitivity. When you have a dental implant, you can floss and brush as you do with your own teeth.

When I was born with deformed hands and a cleft lip palate, my mother faced the challenges of seeking the best plastic surgery and restorative work in the country. She found atop notch doctors at one of the best medical centers in the 50’s, Duke Hospital. I had 2 to 3 operations every year until I was 6 years old, several of them to repair my lip and palate. After that my mother continued to push for excellence and never allowed me to say, “I can’t”. She taught me piano and passed on the family tradition of gospel singing with me and my 3 sisters. When I wanted to be in the school band, there was only one instrument I could try with my finger and mouth difficulties. So of course, she bought me a $500.00 baritone horn and encouraged me to earn first chair.

My dental work as a pre-teen included extensive extractions and “heavy metal” braces that was the only option. I was still going back and forth to Duke a 200 mile trip for orthodontic care and still receiving the most innovative treatment. I remember getting a “panorex” x-ray with one of the very first machine invented. All of this resulted in an exceptional outcome with a permanent bridge across my top front teeth and a speech pattern that was good enough to lead the debate club. You could say that my early dentistry though quite involved, set my expectations very high.

As an adult, I had few problems for all of my 20’s and 30’s. Then in my mid 40’s, the bridge that had been put on at age 16, was no longer feasible. I knew I was losing one of the “anchor” teeth and now faced a dilemma. The options were explored as I was being treated for routine care at MCV dental school. Least expensive would be a removable plate, but that would be somewhat removable, uncomfortable, and could affect my singing and public speaking. Implants were one possibility, but that would be very expensive and maybe not successful with my congenital bone deformities. The best option seemed to be to replace the bridge, still an expensive option and would mean comprising another tooth for an anchor. But my life style and smile would be optimal.

The next question was who could do the best job? I know from my experience at MCV that the teaching doctors were the best I would be able to find; so I chose Dr. Charles Martin and Associates based on that and the hope that I could work our finances and time needed.

From the first visit to this office, I felt completely at ease with all my potential problems and was eager to get started. The office worked out a payment plan for what my insurance would not cover. My doctor was friendly and extremely careful in all parts of the procedures. I had always been very sensitive to needles and novacaine in the front of my mouth. The scar tissue was so tender that most of the time when I got a needle there I would be crying and gripping the chair in pain. This time, the doctor was so expert in technique that I said I hoped ever one of his students would learn how he did it. I never felt pain and I cried from relief and amazement at how easy it was.

My new bridge exceeded my expectation in comfort, fit and appearance. Suddenly I got compliments on my smile and I sang and spoke perfectly. I could not give my recommendation to any other dental practice, but Dr. Charles Martin and Associates has definitely made a positive “note” in my life.

Candace Banks

Dental Implants Help Users Sink Their Teeth into Almost Anything

Dr. Martin has been placing and restoring dental implants since 1983. He had post-doctoral training at the Misch Implant Institute. Dr. Martin was awarded the designation of Fellow in the American College of Oral Implantologists (Dental Implants), and is also a member of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists. He is also a Diplomate of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists. Dr. Martin is one of a very select group of Dentists awarded this international honor. He is one of the few dentists in the state to perform both the surgical and reconstructive phases on implant dentistry for over 20 years and with an impressive 90% plus success rate of treatment for that period.” I have had extensive dental treatment done by Dr. Charles Martin, including caps, implants, root canals and tooth extractions. On a scale of 1 to 10, I would rate this office a 10 +.

Dr. Martin has made my mouth look excellent and my experience in this office was exceptional. I have only had two dentists work in my mouth ever. Dr. Martin’s work is the best. I would not change to another dentist.

I would rate this office as highly professional. The staff will do anything they need to do for the patient from a dental standpoint; they are excellent. Everyone here is very professional and you can tell they are going all out to deliver outstanding care.

Dr. Martin wants you to feel comfortable. All of my treatment was very successful and at no time did I feel any pain. I recommend this practice to everyone. I am very, very satisfied with my dental care.

Mr. Ree Ellis

Do implant procedures cause much pain?

Relax. In most cases these procedures produce very little, if any, discomfort. In fact, many patients do not have to use any pain pills. Your decision to use implants will help you to avoid much pain and discomfort in the long term. Besides, given the overall health care benefits, you should not deny yourself proper treatment out of fear of pain. As with any medical or dental procedure, your attending doctor, the dentist, is equipped to provide you with appropriate treatment, including any pain medicines you need.

Orthodontia plus the loss of four teeth due to a golf club accident lead to my teeth shifting (a total of eight teeth were gone). I should have had a bridge installed after the golf accident, but I was afraid of dentists – not just the pain, but recriminations for neglecting my teeth. Further, I was single-parenting two children, and had no money for a dentist.

By around 1992, gum disease was evident, and I began loosing teeth one-by-one. I could only eat soft food, and was afraid to brush my teeth too hard for fear of losing another one. I knew my smile was ugly and I tended to hide behind my hand when I spoke. I looked at pictures of me ten years earlier, and wondered what happened to my pretty smile. By 2000, my family and friends were urging me to see a dentist. So recriminations or not, I had to find a dentist.

I found Dr. Charles Martin in the Yellow Pages. The ad was clear, concise and extremely informative. I paid Dr. Martin my first visit in September 2001. There were no recriminations, no “how could you let yourself get this bad?” Just, “here is the problem, and here’s how we can resolve it”. If Dr. Martin had reprimanded me, I might not have returned.

Dr. Martin recommended total extraction of my teeth and placing some implants in my lower jaw to attach a customized denture to. Although my husband and I definitely had “sticker shock” when he explained the fees, we realized the treatment must be done.

While the actual surgery took several hours, I don’t recall being in much pain – I had more discomfort from having my mouth open so long and so many hands in my mouth. During the entire surgery process Dr. Martin and his staff were professional and caring. Dr. Martin even called me the next day (a Saturday) to see how I was doing.

Over the next year and a half and many visits and procedures, I came to know “Dr. Charley” (as I call him now) and his entire staff. They are extremely professional and epitomize “friendly and gentile” dentistry. We have become friends too, and there have been several occasions we have enjoyed uproarious laughter in his office.

I would recommend Dr. Martin to anyone needing a dentist, but especially to those needing dental restoration. Dr. Martin is extremely knowledgeable – he attends several seminars annually to assure he’s updated on the latest techniques and procedures. He is also very competent. I was never uneasy about what was occurring in my mouth. And, he was always there at every step of the process.

In summary, I felt totally cared for by both Dr. Martin and his staff. They genuinely wanted this implant and denture process to work. And the finale to all of this is my beautiful smile – the smile I had when I was twenty.

Thank you Dr. Martin and thank all of you who helped.

Sharon Barkley Foster

What if I have further questions?

We expect you will. The more you learn about dental implants, the more questions you may have. The BioHorizons implant system resulted from more than ten years of asking questions. And we haven’t stopped yet. We are committed to constantly extending our knowledge and improving the benefits of implant procedures and we are also willing to share our knowledge with you.

Dr. Charles Martin saved my husband’s life. I know that sounds dramatic, but it is true. When we first met Dr. Martin and his wonderful staff, Darren was extremely fearful of the dentist, had extensive periodontal disease, smoked over a pack of cigarettes each day and was 37 years old.

On our initial visit with Dr. Martin he informed us of the procedures and prosthetics available today, and explained to us our options, from the least expensive and simplest, to the complicated and more costly, and provided all the information needed for Darren and I to make some very difficult decisions. Darren also would need to stop smoking for Dr. Martin to perform the work. One week later Darren stopped smoking!

After an extensive and thorough evaluation, it was determined that none of his teeth could be saved. As you can imagine, this was devastating news for my husband, but with Dr. Martin’s guidance and support, we were able to choose a treatment plan that was right for Darren’s needs and our budget.

Darren chose implants with a permanent bridge on the lower jaw, and custom dentures on the top. Yes, implants are costly, but we took into consideration several factors. First, besides being beautiful to look at, implants preserve the bone of the jaw, and dramatically improve the functioning of chewing. Second, when it came to financing, we bought cars that cost as much, but only last for five years! Implants last a lifetime. Finally, while it was difficult for Darren to spend that much money on himself, he wouldn’t have questioned spending the money if myself or our son needed some type of prosthetic, so with the family’s encouragement and support the decision was made.

Over the last eighteen months Darren has been through multiple dental extractions and surgeries. While these procedures can be painful, they also require patience and adjustment. Dr. Martin and his staff were always available by phone and appointment when they were needed. Managing Darren’s comfort and fears was always their top priority.

As a registered nurse myself, I have met and worked with many, many physicians. Dr. Martin and his staff are outstanding in their field. They balance skill, compassion, humor, and the latest in medical technology. Now that his periodontal disease is cured and he no longer smokes, I know he’ll be around a long, long time for me to see his beautiful smile.

Kat & Darren Swords

What’s Different About Martin Method Implant Dentistry and What Can It Do For You?

A lot. Experience dentistry in a way you’ve never experienced it before. Competence you can count on. 20+ years of providing dental implants. Successful treatment. Your satisfaction.” GENTLE, FRIENDLY DENTISTRY.

That is truly what you will experience at Dr. Charles Martin’s office. You will never be afraid to go to the dentist again! The caring and excellent staff at this office will make each trip a good experience. I personally would also add PERFECTION AND PROFESSIONALISM.

My first visit to this office was in 1991 and I have continued ever since with no trepidation about going. Each time I make my appointment for the next time without hesitancy. I will say, I too was apprehensive about going to a new dentist for the first time. Although I took my children for their regular checkups, I myself had not been going and definitely needed some dental work.

Dr. Martin performed my dental implant surgery and I have been thankful for it ever since. My jaw line is very firm, eating is a pleasure, and of course, I smile all the time. Each time I go to my dental hygienist who is also a true professional, my teeth are checked by him or one of his associates.

The entire staff is friendly, caring, and helpful. I find their fees in keeping with other dentists, but their Perfection and Professionalism are above anyone’s expectations.

I consider Dr. Martin one of my gifts in this lifetime. It was a beautiful day that I walked into his office.

Peggy Reid

If Dentistry Has Been Difficult For you, The Dread Is Gone! It’s Over! You Can Relax!

Really you can, I know, it can be hard for you if you have had a nightmare of an experience. But no long because…

Stone Age Dentistry Is a Thing Of The Past

Dentistry of just 10-20 years ago was absolutely Stone Age compared to dentistry today in our office. At Dr. Charles Martin, DDS, and Associates, we recognize what has stopped so many from having a beautiful smile they are proud of and achieving real dental health for life.

And, we have done something about it. Our system uses newly developed techniques and technology to make your visit easier, faster and more comfortable.

To put it succinctly, Dr. Charles Martin and his staff just do everything right. Since that doesn’t make very interesting reading, I’ll elaborate a little bit more.

My professional background has been in customer relations largely in working with physicians. Some of the things I have encountered in physicians’ offices more often than not include front office staff that hide behind glass partitions and don’t acknowledge you when you arrive, difficulty in making an appointment, waiting endlessly to see the doctor, and listening to disgruntled staff just to name a few. So I was enormously surprised to be treated so warmly by Dr. Martin’s staff from the very first phone call when I made an appointment for a consultation. I was hooked after the first visit.

During my first visit, everyone greeted me by my name and had such positive things to say about the practice. Dr. Martin came whistling (he also sings and hums around the office) into the exam room with such enthusiasm and eagerness to meet me. More than his warmth and easy-going manner was his confidence in his ability to help me. I knew immediately I made the right decision to come to this practice.

The dental work I had done was not exactly a walk in the park. It included a dental implant, gum surgery and porcelain veneers. I lost count of how many visits I had and hours I spent in the chair during the eighteen months it took to complete. There were a couple of complications along the way but Dr. Martin always assured me that the extra steps and delays would be offset by a better end result. He was right! I honestly don’t think any other dentist would have been as meticulous and conscientious. And . . . when was the last time your dentist called you after a procedure to see how you were feeling?

Dr. Martin and his staff clearly understand that patient satisfaction is a team effort. The office is such a warm and welcoming environment that’s run very efficiently and professionally. You will appreciate finding a dentist who is a perfectionist and can sing in tune while creating your perfect smile.

With Sincere Gratitude.

Mary Gibrall

The commitment to your comfort starts with a unique office design created to produce a noise reducing, quiet environment.

The dental chairs themselves feature Swedish foam that comfortably molds to your body, making it easier to relax.

Even the colors were chosen scientifically to help create a relaxing environment. We use CD players and stereo headphones so you can hear the sounds you want and drown out the sounds you don’t.

I can’t really recall what year I started coming to Dr. Charles Martin’s office, but I think it was the very end of the nineties. I remember my first visit was a very great experience for me.

Everyone was very friendly and made me feel at ease about having work done on my teeth because as you know, it can be a nerve wrecking experience. But everyone that worked on my teeth made me feel comfortable.

I didn’t feel that great about my smile when I first came in because I had a bad experience with another dentist that suggested I get crowns put on two of my front teeth and I was not pleased with the way they looked at all. I had also lost a couple of teeth after root canals and I was not sure why.

So I found Dr. Martin and he made me a partial denture and I’m very pleased with it. I am looking forward to getting a bridge or implants to replace the partial and I am sure that I want to have the work done here.

Mary D.

We Are “Armed To The Teeth” With Technology and Techniques To Create a Better Dental Experience

We have an understanding of what the typical fearful or anxious patient experiences – and just how different it can be for them. If this describes you, you’ll be comforted first by a special chairside manner that puts you at ease.’

Then there is the matter of getting numb. We use a unique, virtually painless numbing method that is easy to experience.

At age 70, my dental concerns were more about chewing than about smiling. With improper care as a youngster, I lost a number of teeth interfering with my chewing surfaces. As the last chewing surface went, I was forced to make some replacement choices.

After some discussions with other dentists, I resorted to the telephone directory. “Friendly, Gentle, Dentistry” appealed to me. At that point it was Dr. Charles Martin to the rescue.

We discussed an overall dental plan. My requirement for satisfaction was that I not have any removable dental parts. Dr. Martin obliged. It involved 5 implants and at least 6 crowns – extensive and expensive work. I needed confidence and money! Dr. Martin’s staff, whom I experienced to be not only friendly to me, but also pleasant to each other (a comforting situation to a new patient) helped build my confidence in Dr. Martin.

At first the whole procedure seemed too expensive. Eventually after researching I found these prices to be comparable and decided dental care to be as valuable to one’s health as any other part of the body. So the contract was signed.

Dr. Martin approached the task, confidently, patiently, and gently. He smiled, he hummed, and he talked our way through each procedure. He was so confident about his good work that he earned himself the title “Dr. Smart” by the end of the job.

Yes, I am very happy to have had the work done and I would repeat the decision.

Now at age 73, I am smiling – I can eat apples, carrots, and celery as easily as I can bananas. It makes me feel so healthy.

Thanks crew!

Hilda Wilson

You’ll be offered a blanket to keep you warm. Then, we’ll give as brief or detailed explanation as you would like; about what we find, what we do and why. This full explanation helps you know what to expect.

For those needing something extra, that bit of extra help in managing themselves, we utilize oral sedation to take the “edge off”.

I inherited Dr. Charles Martin when he took over my dentists’ practice in 1979. Since that first visit he has been helping me maintain good dental health with numerous procedures. I have been impressed by his pursuit of knowledge in new techniques. He has been a pioneer in the area of dental implants.

A number of fillings and crowns in my mouth give testimony to Dr. Martin’s high standard of excellence. Approximately fifteen years ago he did a fabulous job of veneer work that has results in my having beautiful front teeth as an octogenarian.

I remind Dr. Martin of my expected exalted status as one of his charter patients. I feel fortunate to be in his good hands.

Dorothy S. Jones


I have had a lot of dental work done in this office, everything from cleanings to replacing old fillings and taking care of some new ones. I had a broken tooth that was very well taken care of; it was a much better experience than I had anticipated it would be. That tooth required a crown and a root canal. I’ve had a lot of veneers put in to repair teeth that were damaged.

On a scale of 1 to 10, I would rate this office a 9 or 10ish.

I am very pleased with the way I look. The doctors and staff are very good – also very congenial and friendly. They were very concerned about how I was feeling and making sure everything was going okay from my viewpoint.

Over the years I have been to other dentists, some who did a good job also, but the staff here is the best I have ever seen in a dental office.

Some doctors didn’t make me feel very comfortable. Dr. Martin and the other doctors make sure that you feel comfortable. They talk to you and treat you like a person, not like a number.

Two major treatments I had were my implants and veneers, plus the crowns. The treatment process was really pretty good. It was explained to me in advance in great detail of what was going to be done. They told me the stages of how the treatment would occur. The veneers I was not worried about. However the thought of my jaws being cut for the implants bothered me at first, but Dr. Martin made me very comfortable with it.

I would definitely recommend this practice. I am very satisfied with everything.

In all my experiences in the office, the one thing that was truly not satisfactory is that during the implant process a piece of cotton was left under my gum line when it was stitched back up. I started getting a fever so by advice began treating it like an infection. I did call Dr. Martin, but he was not in that day. The doctor on call called me back that weekend and prescribed an antibiotic for me. I started taking it but didn’t seem to be getting any better so I called Dr. Martin the next week and they got me in pretty quickly. Dr. Martin found the piece of cotton was pushing the sutures apart and this had started making the gum line recede. He did pull it out and it did close up. But I think it appeared to make my gum line at a lower level that originally stitched back up. To me there is a slight dip on that side. People don’t notice, it is on the bottom left at the gum line. It makes me wonder how it would look if that hadn’t happened and how straight it would have looked compared to now.

I just want to add that the staff in general has been very, very good – helpful and friendly. One of the things that make this office so much more incredible than any other office is the willingness to help me with my paperwork and insurance claims. So many offices say, “I will file it for you”, but if there is any problems you have to deal with it. Maybe they don’t use those terms, but that is what happens. Frankly, I don’t have the knowledge to deal with insurance. I don’t know what I need to tell them clinically to fight it and I don’t have a history of what they’ve paid on or haven’t. The staff here, especially Deb has been so helpful with working through Cigna. They have really helped me getting paid on stuff that I would have probably fought for months or years on to get paid. This makes the whole dental experience so much better.

Mr. David Ellis


My husband Ronnie was the first one to see Dr. Charles Martin. He had gum disease. Dr. Martin used laser treatments with really good results. It was also relatively painless and he saw improvement right away. Ronnie insisted I go see Dr. Martin and the “Gentle” part of “Friendly, Gentle Dentistry was suddenly very appealing.

To say I had bad teeth is an understatement. I had a terrible overbite with gaps between my teeth. I guess I would be described with “buck teeth” (how I hate that). I had braces when I was in my 20’s but didn’t wear my retainer like I should have and they slowly moved back. The only thing I can say to try to explain this is like someone who loses a lot of weight and thinks life will be better. But it is not because the weight wasn’t the problem to begin with.

So the following years I neglected my teeth, taking minimal care of them and avoiding the dentist unless absolutely necessary. I hated the way I looked but felt so ashamed for letting my teeth go back the way they were. It was easier just to ignore them.

My first visit with Dr. Charles Martin was awful because I hated being there and facing the music, but I must say Dr. Martin was not judgmental. I had gum disease and also needed the laser treatments. Dr. Martin came up with a treatment plan to rebuild my mouth, but it was expensive and long-term and I could not commit to it.

After a couple of years I realized that I had to do something. By this time the original treatment plan was no longer good. Not only did I have the very unattractive front teeth, but now my jaw teeth were in such bad shape they couldn’t be saved. Dr. Martin did not give up on me. We started a plan that included implants and braces. It was expensive and long-term, but if I didn’t do this dentures were in my not too distant future. I would hear people with dentures say, “do what you have to do to keep your teeth”. I don’t think I have ever met anyone who says I love my dentures. There were also people who said to me, “I can’t believe you would go thru all this and spend all this money on your teeth, I would have my teeth pulled first.” Most of these people have good teeth and beautiful smiles and will never be faced with this decision.

My story has a very happy ending. I now have a beautiful smile. Because of the implants, I have strong jaw teeth that allow me to eat any thing I want. I can’t tell you how much my implants feel like natural teeth. It was a lot of money but the end result is priceless to me now. When I smile or meet new people I don’t worry what they are thinking about my teeth. As a matter of fact the best thing I can say is I don’t think about my teeth much at all.

I know my having a healthy mouth and pretty smile was (almost) as important to Dr. Martin as to me. I feel very lucky to have found him because I don’t think there are very many dentists (anywhere) as good as he is with implants. So thanks a lot Dr. Martin for working with us in so many ways to see this thru. And thanks to your office staff and assistants who always took very good care of me.

I would strongly recommend Dr. Charles Martin and staff to anyone looking for a dentist. And the worse your problem is – the more you need them. Maybe I’ll see you there. I’ll be the one with the BIG SMILE.

Brenda Norris


Throughout the years, I’ve done everything from cleanings to replacing old fillings, to root canals to veneers and most recently, implants. I’ve been very well taken care of at Dr. Martin’s. I would rate the office a” Ten”. The doctors and staff here are very good, very congenial, friendly and very concerned about your welfare –about how you are doing and if all is ok. Over the years I’ve been in different dental offices I have seen many different staff – this is by far the best staff around. I’m treated like a person not a number. When I had my recent implant work with Dr. Martin he made me very comfortable, answered all my questions. I am very pleased and satisfied with the results.

David Ellis, Engineer


Before my implants I was so afraid of losing what ridge I did have. The operation was not at all bad and with the help of Dr. Martin and his wonderful staff I felt like I was the only patient they had. Implants have certainly improved my mouth, eating and my looks. Yes! I would do it again. Thank you so much for piece of mind.””” I was having trouble with my dentures…I was in continual pain and discomfort from them…Dr. Martin recommended implants on the lower jaw to replace the denture entirely. “He carefully explained the procedure to me…And I’ve had no trouble or discomfort at all.”

Barbara McCabe


After having had a bridge that failed, I fought for at least three years having any extensive dental work. In the meantime, I had heard my sister exclaim over and over how pleased she was with her implants. So, I went with her to see Dr. Martin and I began to think. In two days time, I made the decision to go for it. One week later, I became the owner of three implants. It was no problem – in fact, much easier than some of my previous root canals. I healed rapidly without pain and I have had wonderful care and support from Dr. Martin and his staff.

Mrs. B. P.

The Journey

Going to the dentist was right up there with the dreaded annual physical until one weekend a few years ago. Years of neglect had finally taken its toll with teeth and gums staging a rebellion, which turned in to a long and painful weekend. After searching through the phonebook a random selection of Dr. Charles Martin and Associates resulted in an appointment the following week. The pain was displaced by embarrassment for a dental professional who would now scrutinize the long neglected teeth with who know how many other individuals in Dr. Martins practice to see.

The fateful day arrived with the personal and physical discomfort each about equal in intensity. After a brief discussion and a look at the problem the first comment was “let’s get this taken care of right away”, and so it was. This was the beginning of what became known as “The Journey” toward improved dental health and hygiene for me.

What is so amazing about this story? On a scale of Good to Worse with one being Good and ten being the Worst, the condition of my gums and teeth would have been generously considered a ten. Despite this condition the focus became how to help the patient not how to embarrass or make the patient feel uncomfortable about the obvious. From that day forward and for a period of over five years numerous procedures took place which included dental implants, gum surgery, cosmetic replacement, and eventually a complete restoration of teeth which look and feel better that one could even imagine?

Dr. Martin and his staff became like family. Most importantly the care and concern provided by each member of the dental team was and continues to be excellent. Would I do this again? Would I recommend Dr. Martin and his staff? Did I receive value for my money? Was all the time invested worth the results? To each of these the answer is a resounding YES!

So, cast aside your thoughts about discomfort, both physically and mentally. With today’s advances in dental care and a thoroughly professional staff at Dr. Charles Martin and Associates you will discover and enjoy the benefits of improved health through regular dental care. Remember, any journey begins with the first step and this one will bring rewards that will result with a perfect smile.

Mr. William Boyd


I have had a very difficult case because I had no more back teeth. And the remaining teeth that I had in the front I had grinded them down so badly that my bite was off. I had a bad habit of grinding my teeth at night. I needed quite a bit of work. Dr. Martin is extremely skilled. He and the staff made me feel very comfortable. Even though I was very scared he talked to me and explained what he was doing. He was very sweet. If I had any questions he answered them. If I needed a break, he gave me a break.

He was very understanding, especially with me being very scared. Dr. Martin also made me feel comfortable in anything you need during procedures. He works with you instead of you having to work with him. He can prescribe something to make it easier if you are scared. You don’t feel like you are being rushed in and rushed out. Thank you. I feel good about myself. He did a gerat job. I am now sending my kids here as well.”

Brigitta Cunningham, housewife