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Comprehensive Care Dentistry

Comprehensive care dentistry is a way of diagnosing and treating dental cases so that optimal care is performed whether it is check up type dentistry or complex care dentistry. It is a way of looking at you and your oral condition as a whole, not as one tooth at a time.

If you have complex care needs, be sure that you get someone trained in complex care and its many thousands of nuanced methods so you can be assured that the right kind treatment fits your condition. Over-engineering is one of the best ways possible for you to ensure that your work has the biomechanical capacity to last for years and years.

As you might guess, there is far more to dental care than just these parts. There are also biologic concerns of the tissues, cosmetic and smile design components and bifunctional parameters of the chewing mechanism. Your dental success also requires for you to be a partner in your care. This includes your home care and your regular professional hygiene maintenance visits in your office. Don’t worry. We can make it all understandable and easy for you.