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Migraine and Chronic Headache

Migraine and Chronic Headaches

Pain. It is never wanted. Migraine and chronic headache pain are some of the worst. If you are a sufferer, you know just how bad it can be. For some, 2-4 days of your life a month is spent in dark rooms with little to no interaction from anyone, waiting till it goes away. For others, it is a matter of living though the pain and its effects that can literally changes ones personality and ruin relationships. (Abraham Lincoln considered putting his wife, Mary, a migraine headache sufferer into an asylum because of the torment she spewed upon him.)

Headaches plague mankind.

Many people (perhaps you?) have gone to innumerable doctors seeking relief, only to be saddled with medications you don’t want to take, but don’t dare avoid because of the near certain suffering that invariably comes. You have already ruled out the serious aliments that could cause your headaches. Now it is a matter of living your life in spite of them.

The good news is that new research and technology have found that the entire chewing mechanism, jaw joints and muscles in the head and neck can be the culprits for migraine and chronic headache pain.  This is why the use of Botox every three months injected into the muscles of the head and neck region has rapidly become one of the more popular treatments for these headaches.  For many, the idea of being forced to get these shots every 3-4 months is not popular.

We have a new solution that deals with these headaches without shots, surgery or drugs. Our dental office is trained in the diagnosis and treatment of what is called dentomandibular sensorimotor dysfunction and the pain that comes from it: migraines, chronic headache, TMJ and myofacial pain.

Why are dentists involved? Because the main nerve that innervates the teeth and muscles of mastication is the trigeminal nerve ganglion that is the source of all headache pain. Incredible as that may sound, this was proven in a study done back in 1996 by Sessile and others. That is why we are involved.

What is Done?

First, objective measurements of your dysfunction and headache by methods approved by the AMA, clinical exam, bite force evaluation by T-scan analysis and a through history of your migraine and chronic headaches.  Second, a discussion of our findings comes next. Third, if you are candidate for this therapy, then a series of treatments without shots, surgery or drugs using rehabilitative medicine, dental forces modification, ultrasound, muscle manipulation and massage and nerve channel re-training using low level electrical currents. Naturally, we will work with your other doctors as needed.

How Well Does It Work?

The results typically eliminate or reduce the headaches to an easy level of tolerability. Not every case is “cured” but 95% typically show improvement or elimination.

Patients Testimonial

“My headache was so bad that I could hardly see, let alone work. After beginning my headache treatment with Dr. Martin’s office, my headaches are becoming a thing of the past. The migraine/headache treatments that they are offer are truly remarkable” – J. Sloan

“My visit was great, I was treated with kindness, and everyone was very helpful, my problem was taken care of. My visit was very pleasant. Thank you for being so kind and may God bless you.” –  Betty Campbell

“I never thought that going tot the dentist could be this wonderful, seriously.” – Ann R.

What’s Next?

Contact us or call (804) 417-4835 and request an evaluation. We have changed many peoples’ lives. May we suggest you call right away to speak with one of our dental health counselors to reserve your spot. We have helped many; perhaps it is your turn?!