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How Long Does the Average Person Wear Braces?

There are several correct answers to how long the average person wears braces to correct their teeth.  Basically, the length of time a person is required to wear braces depends on their age when they get braces, the severity of the problem the braces is correcting and the condition of the person’s mouth.

The key to having braces on for the least amount of time is early intervention.  Treating a child’s dental alignment problems between the ages of five and eleven can redirect their growth to reduce the length of time the child needs to wear braces.  The average length of time a child wears conventional braces, which are made from metal and wire, is 18 to 30 months.  Once the braces are removed, the child must wear a removable retainer to keep the teeth in place for several months.

Because adults have stopped growing, it often takes longer to correct their teeth with braces.  However, over 1 million adults wear braces and are pleased with the results.  To correct an adult’s teeth with braces, it usually takes 18 months to 3 years.

Wearing invisible braces, which are actually customized removable retainers, can minimize the length of time a person wears braces, depending on the nature of the person’s problem.  People who wear invisible braces can have their teeth corrected in as little as 18 months.

In summary, the length of time the average person wears braces depends on their age, condition and the type of braces worn to correct the problem.

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