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Another Tip About Sugar and Tooth Decay

In yesterday’s blog, I talked about how the amount of time sugary foods spend on you teeth is much more important (or rather detrimental) to your teeth than how much of it you eat.
And of course that is true.
But there is something else that matters just as much. That is “How” they the sugar adheres to your teeth. Going back to yesterday’s example again, a cough drop can cause damage to your tooth enamel because it spends several minutes in your mouth melting sugary cough suppressant onto your teeth.
But fruit can be worse than cough drops, believe or not. Not just any fruit, of course. But the gooey, chewing fruit you find in fruitcakes, fruit roll ups, and other sticky versions of that healthy food. The reason they can cause such damage is that they not only circulate sugar around your teeth while you chew, they have a habit grabbing onto your teeth with their sticky ways. And they also find their way between teeth and other tight spaces where they cause the worst kind of sugar and acid damage to the enamel. They also slide under the gum line and stay there to build up plaque and tartar where they can cause gingivitis and periodontal disease.
For that same reason, gummy bears, caramel and taffy are also risky choices in sweet stuff when it comes to oral health.
So when it comes to sweets, make wise choices. Whether you choose the chocolate, the cough drops or the gooey fruit candy, brush your teeth soon after and don’t forget the floss.
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