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Gentle Dentistry Explained

Prominent Richmond
“Painless Dentist”

Report From A Patient About Dr. Charles Martin:

What You Should Know BEFORE Considering Any Dentist,
If You Are An Extremely Phobic Or Pain-Sensitive Patient, Have Neglected
Dental Care For Years, Or Are Considering Comprehensive
Cosmetic Dentistry

Painless my behind. Maybe painless for him, but not for me!

I am the world’s worst dental patient. Most phobic, scared and difficult. Over several years, I tried seven different dentists all over the country, who advertised and promised that they “catered to cowards” and offered “painless dentistry” thanks to new, state-of-the-art technology. Not one would even let me come back to their offices for a second treatment! I scared them!

Now I have written this ad or “open letter” as a favor and as a surprise gift for Dr. Charles Martin, to use as he sees fit, and I am eager to tell you why I would do such a thing-but first let me tell you that I do this for a living; write ad copy; and I am, in fact, one of the highest paid direct-response ad copywriters and consultants in America. To write an ad just like this one for a regular client, I would be paid between $39,000.00 to as much as $55,000.00 as a fee, plus royalties tied to its results, for as long as it is used. But I have written this ad for free and given it to Dr. Martin as a gift-on top of spending well over $40,000.00 with him on dentistry. (I needed a mountain of work. And it takes three times as long to treat me as it does any normal patient.)

Anyway, Dr. Martin makes that “painless” promise, too. And he assures me he and his staff could handle even me, even if I am the world’s worst dental patient, banned from other doctors’ offices. And that he would not boot me out after the first session. That we would agree on everything I needed done and we would get it done successfully. Before, I had to be anesthetized with IV’s and God knows what else! Dr. Martin said it would not be necessary.

I didn’t believe one damned word of it.

But if you are a spectacularly scared dental patient who has put off needed dental care, or you look in the mirror and see a smile that embarrasses you – and if you’ve had bad dental experiences in the past – you should read the rest of what I have to say here most carefully.

You should know, I am a diabetic, which complicates my care. For a collection of reasons and excuses, I had neglected dental care for years. Even though I am a successful business leader, confident in everything else I do, my sheer, uncontrollable terror kept me out of needed dental care for years. I am not proud of that by a long shot, but there it is. Very serious gum disease and bone loss resulted. When I did begin trying to deal with it, I had several very bad experiences with different dentists. By the time I got to Dr. Martin, I needed gum surgery, bone grafts, root canals, bridge work and more.

Hopefullly, your situation is not as severe as mine was. It probably isn’t. You may just have a smile you’re not proud of, that you’re always self-conscious about in social or business situations. Or you may be interested in looking 10 or 15 years younger. You may have or think you’ll soon need dentures, when in truth, your own teeth might be saved, or you’d be far better served by expertly provided implants. Whatever your interest or need, I wrote this because knowing about Dr. Martin and Martin Method Dentistry may make a huge difference in your life.

Oh, and incidentally, I do not live in or near Richmond. I have homes in Phoenix, Arizona and Cleveland, Ohio, and I travel back and forth, and stay overnight each time, seven times to get everything done. Why wouldn’t I just find a dentist in my own areas? Because “Martin Method Dentistry” really is very, very different from any dentististry available in either of my home cities, or in Los Angeles, or in Las Vegas, or just about anywhere else. In fact, Dr. Martin has had patients come to him from Atlanta, Philadelphia, New York City, even from overseas, all in the past year alone. I’ll tell you what’s so different about Martin Method Dentistry in a minute, but first let me finish my personal story.

First of all, it was NOT ‘painless.’ I won’t lie to you. But amazingly, it was close. In fact, in after 5 of my 7 sessions, I took only one pain pill, and never used the rest of the prescriptions. Didn’t need them. Contrast this with my last, previous attempt at taking care of this, with another dentist: I was all swollen up afterward, bled like a stuck pig for hours, lay in a fetal position moaning all night, couldn’t eat for three days, and gulped pain pills like M & M’s. Dr. Martin and every other member of his team, the periodontal surgeon, Dr. Gooss, all worked very hard to minimize my discomfort and my terror. I wore headphones, listened to music, had a massage pad in the dental chair, got breaks when I wanted them. It wasn’t fun. But it wasn’t awful either. Most of his patients, being less nutty than I am, and not needing extreme work as I did, actually do report truly painless experiences. (If you want to see before/after photos and comments from his patients, go to on the Internet.)

By the way, I know that people who have neglected their mouths, as I did, or who need a lot of work are often so embarrassed they hate the very thought of going to a dentist and being scolded or talked down to or humiliated. Nothing like that happens to anybody at Dr. Martin’s office. Not one iota of criticism or judgmental comments, not from anyone.

Anyway, second, I have kept my teeth, except for the bridge. Two other dentists said it was impossible. Dr. Martin predicts no less than ten to twenty-five years without problems. I may go most of my life without requiring dentures.

Third, my smile looks mah-velous. My teeth also function infinitely better. Look, I badly needed braces when I was a kid and didn’t get them because my family couldn’t afford them. I had extra canines, mis-shapen teeth, places damned near impossible to clean. Now my smile looks like a Hollywood actor’s. Frankly, that wasn’t my priority; I’m not vain; I was more concerned with my health. (Gum disease worsens diabetes, stroke and heart attack risk.) But you may be equally or even more interested in a perfect smile. If you are, Dr. Martin’s a miracle worker. Interestingly, a lot of people have commented that I look younger lately, and have asked what I’ve done. One person even accused me of having a facelift! And I’m no Kevin Costner to start with. If you’re an attractive woman reading this, I promise you, a Martin Method Smile Makeover’ll do more for you, for rolling back the years, than a facelift would.

(By the way, Dr. Martin can give you precise, full-color, computer image photographs of how you will look after your dentistry is completed, before you say yes to anything. Mine looked impossible, yet it is almost exactly what we wound up with. I asked him not to put my before/after up on the web site or in an ad, but if you really want to see mine, it’s okay to have him show them to you in the office.)

Okay, now what’s so special about Martin Method Dentistry?

For one thing, Dr. Martin has invested a king’s ransom in every state-of-the-art technology for more effective dentistry and for your comfort. For example, No-Drill Dentistry, for treating tooth decay without the needle or that whining, whirring drill. Dental Lasers, to treat gum disease and even re-shape and re-fashion the gum line to create an infinitely better appearance, without surgery. The Laser Treatment is appropriate in 75% of the case (although regrettably, not in mine), and is actually totally painless. There’s also an amazing Electronic Anesthesia used in many instances, instead of old-fashioned numbing with a needle. This is precisely controlled, keeps the area worked on continuously numb, yet you leave afterward without a numbed up face that feels like a concrete block for hours, then hurts when the numbing wears off. There are One Visit Root Canals. You EXPECT root canals to hurt like hell, during and after. I had four. Mine didn’t.

Another key to Martin Method Dentistry is the most sophisticated, complete and accurate diagnosis, so the treatment plan is right, and there are no unpleasant surprises. There is a Perio-Scope, which is a gum disease finding camera, far superior to ordinary x-rays, or prodding around with pointed doohickeys that hurt. The Intra-Oral Camera (which is small, about 1 and ½ the size of a ballpoint pen) magnifies surface areas of teeth, helps Dr. Martin locate small pits and cracks where disease is hiding or starting, and lets you see what needs to be done and understand why, on a video monitor. The DIAGNO-Dent Laser System identifies tooth or gum disease earlier, to prevent tooth loss. There’s more. Without boring you with a lot of technical mumbo-jumbo, I’ll just say that the diagnosis you get, and get explained to you, and shown to you, is 100% painless, easy, nothing to fear or worry about, 100% safe, and done with infinite care and patience and scientific precision. Truth be told, by the way, a lot of unanticipated “big problems” occur in other dental offices, after treatment or restoration is well underway, and patients are faced with pain, bad results or added expense. Nobody in the profession likes talking about this, but I know it to be true. (I didn’t mention this before, but I’ve had over 6,000 dentists go through my business seminars. I’ve worked with the profession. I know what really goes on. I’ve also had some horrible experiences as a patient.) It’s the extraordinary thoroughness of the Martin Method Diagnosis that prevents these “surprises.” And believe me, the last thing you want to hear, as you’re drifting in and out of sedation, from your dentist is “Whoops – we didn’t plan on that!”

Yet another important benefit of Martin Method Dentistry is dedicated concern about your comfort. Frankly, a lot of dentists give “lip service” to patients’ comfort, use cute slogans – like “we cater to cowards” in their ads – but they don’t really mean it. They actually complain about their wimpy patients. And they really don’t do anything differently than any other dentist. Well, you know you’re not in an ordinary dental office the minute you enter the Martin office’s beautiful European décor reception area, complete with gleaming black grand piano. Have a latte or fresh juice. During treatment, you can have movies on a DVD player, music on headphones, you relax in body contouring chairs with optional massage pads. In many cases, the hi-tech Electronic Anesthesia and topical numbing preparations applied without needles is sufficient. In other cases, with extremely phobic patients like me, there are additional numbing options where you feel nothing. In very complex restoration work, when the patient needs it, what’s called “conscious sedation” is available. With this the stress, even the memory of the procedure goes away.

And yet another important benefit of Martin Method Dentistry is the “team approach.” Dr. Martin personally performs some of the dentistry; other Team Members perform specialized aspects. In total, there is a SYSTEM employed here, to deliver maximum benefits to the patient with minimal discomfort. The System is the result of 13,827 hours of research, additional training, all beyond what is required of a dentist to meet on-going licensing requirements. Dr. Martin’s expertise is such; he’s frequently involved in teaching his “System” and clinical techniques to other dentists. He’s had over 20 years experience since graduating from the Medical College of the Virginia School of Dentistry, and has had post-doctoral training at the famous Pankey Institute, Misch Implant Institute, and is a Summa Cum Laude Graduate of cosmetic Dentistry at Case Western Reserve University. He’s a Diplomat of the International congress of Oral Implantologists, one of a very select group of dentists awarded this international honor, and he’s one of a few dentists in Virginia to perform both surgical and reconstructive phases of implant dentistry for 20 years. He’s also a Fellow in the International academy of Dentofacial Esthetics (Cosmetic dentistry); a very select dental/medical group that recognizes extraordinary achievement in making people look good! Dr. Martin personally manages EVERY patient’s case; from diagnosis to development of the treatment plan right through to completion. Yet you also have full benefit of his team of highly trained, expert specialists, periodontists, and “comfort care” staff members.

Finally, Martin Method Dentistry focuses on functionality, health AND appearance. Ordinary cosmetic dentistry alone may be fine for some people, but you don’t want to just look great, but at a heavy price for it otherwise. After all, we’re not talking about making a few wrinkles go away on your forehead or under your eyes. We’re dealing with your teeth, gums and mouth. You want to be absolutely certain you are getting your “smile makeover” from somebody just as concerned with your lifetime health as with your appearance.

You’re probably wondering just how outrageously expensive Martin Method Dentistry is. Obviously, costs vary greatly depending on your needs and desires. If you go read all the letters from Dr. Martin’s patients on the web site, you’ll find a couple who chose complete smile makeovers instead of a cruise, as their anniversary present to each other. So, yes, yours will probably be a significant investment, a significant decision. It is that: an investment. A cruise or other trip, over with. More art or antiques or “stuff” for the house – is that really as important as having the very best personal appearance possible AND the best health possible? A healthy mouth and magnificent, dazzling smile pays dividends in many ways, for life. Anyway, Martin Method Dentistry is admittedly NOT the least expensive dentistry option in the country, the state of Virginia, or in Richmond. If you want to price-shop procedures, I’m sure you can find dentists who aren’t in as much demand, who haven’t invested as heavily in technology, their facility, their own research and education, who will work for less. On average, comparable procedures may very well be 10%, 15%, 20%, even 25% more at the Martin office than at the lowest fee offices. If you primary concern is lowest possible investment, then Martin Method Dentistry just isn’t for you. If, on the other hand, a reasonable investment and a fair price is important to you, but far more important is the best possible outcome, the least pain and discomfort, the most gentle care, and the highest degree of expertise and professionalism are even more important to you, then you are the kind of patient who chooses Martin Method Dentistry.

(Incidentally, a variety of “painless” financing and payment plans are available. Of course, all major credit cards accepted, so you can get your airline miles or reward points – I got five days in a top resort with the reward points on my credit card. Expert assistance in obtaining reimbursements from your insurance is provided free of charge.)

Who are Dr. Martin’s typical patients? I went through a lot of inconvenience and expense to travel, to get Martin Method Dentistry. But I’m a piker compared to his patients who’ve actually come from England, Ireland, France, Russia and South Africa. Some of Dr. Martin’s patients are politicians from Washington D.C., Wall Street executives from New York, and celebrities from California who require that their privacy be protected – and yours can be too, if you prefer. Others, like me, something of a semi-famous author and speaker (as well as consultant and ad man) are willing to share our stories, and you’ll find plenty at (if you’re curious about me for any reason, you can state that curiosity at MY site, If you happen to run a business, you ought to subscribe to my ‘No B.S. Marketing Letter.’) A lot of Dr. Martin’s patients are sales professionals, doctors, lawyers, architects and executives, for whom appearance matters a lot, in dollars and sense terms; there’s abundant research evidencing that a person’s smile has a great deal to do with how confidently they present themselves and how successful they are. Frankly, a number of Dr. Martin’s are recently divorced women (and men) who, after 5, 10, 15, or even 20 years, face the prospect of dating all over again, and want to look younger, look better, get a confidence boost. Some patients are more like me, really concerned with health issues. Some are young, some are middle-aged, some seniors. In a recent week, Dr. Martin accepted the 72 year old owner of a manufacturing company from Indiana and a 31 year old divorcee from Richmond ‘high society’.

One thing is certain: it’d be a shame for you NOT to have Dr. Martin as your dentist, if you can be accepted as a patient, if you live right here in Richmond or the Washington D.C. area, when so many others have to travel great distances and suffer a lot of extra inconvenience to get to him.

How Do You Become Dr. Martin’s Patient? About that ‘acceptance’ thing …sometimes there’s a ‘waiting list’ at Dr. Martin’s office. Chances are, if you are reading this letter that I wrote for him, there are openings for new patients now. But not every person who comes in is accepted. Dr. Martin is very serious about successful results, and if he feels a patient is not equally serious and sincere about getting optimum results or caring properly for their ‘perfect smile’ after it’s completed, he is quite capable of referring you elsewhere. I know for fact he has done so. And this is NOT the place to come if you want “patch-work”, or drill-it, fill-it quickie dentistry.

The good news is, you can arrange a consultation, initial examination, even see computer imaging of your future new smile without making any commitments to becoming a patient or to a treatment program. Currently, there’s a GUARANTEED FIRST VISIT program, which you can find described at his web site, Or you can call a FREE RECORDED MESSAGE anytime at 800-303-3064 ext. 3000, and hear Dr. Martin himself give you more details and, at your option, have a Free Information Packet sent to you in the mail. Or if you’re ready to just get a question or two answered, and schedule an appointment, call the office directly at 804-320-6800 Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and speak with Lisa, Debi, or Lee.

Ultimately, if you choose to go forward, you will get the most complete, thorough, safe diagnostic exam in dentistry, followed by a complete explanation of what needs to be done, can be done, all your options, what to expect, and complete treatment program custom created for you.

I am a critical person and I complain constantly and vocally about all kinds of businesspeople and professionals I trust do things and spend money with – I could fill ten times this space with recent complaints about the last new car I bought and the dealer that sold it to me, the last optometrist I went to and the eyeglasses I got, the travel agent I spent over $150,000.00 a year with I fired, and on and on. I have no complaints and nothing but praise for Dr. Martin and team. If they can get outstanding results with me as a patient, they can certainly do so for you.

If you’ve been thinking about cosmetic dentistry, restorative dentistry, if you have gone without dental care for an extended period, if you know you have problems that need addressed but keep talking yourself out of doing something about them, if you are interested in implants instead of dentures, whatever the reason you read all the way through this letter from me, I encourage you to take a step forward and either call the recorded message or call the office directly. Take a positive step right now, while it is fresh in your mind, before you find an excuse to procrastinate. In my case, I could give you a list of 100 things I would have rather spent my money on, my time on and gone through than my dental work, but I can’t name even one thing that could have yielded as many important benefits. And I can promise you this: in your entire life, you will not have had an experience nor will you have an experience where you are relying on a professional of any kind – doctor, dentist, lawyer, etc. – where you will be treated with as much courtesy, respect, professionalism, friendliness and good sense as you will by Dr. Martin and his Martin Method Dentistry Team.


Dan S. Kennedy

PS: I’m sorry, but I’m just too busy to talk with you about Dr. Martin. And my own consulting fees start at $800.00 an hour, so talking to me is a bit pricey on a formal basis. I don’t use e-mail and my web site doesn’t accept it, it’s there for information purposes only. I’ve tried to say everything I could say to you personally right here in this letter. Beyond that, I can only urge you, if you have unanswered questions or concerns, do NOT let them stand in the way of getting the dental care, restoration of optimum function and oral health, and attractive smile and youthful facial appearance you deserve and can have. Call Dr. Martin’s office and get whatever answers you need. Do NOT be timid, embarrassed, anxious, and do NOT procrastinate. Take him up on his SATISFACTION GUARANTEED FIRST VISIT – and note, you’ll be hard-pressed finding any other dentist offering a satisfaction guarantee! This can make a really big difference in your life.